Women's, Children and Youth Affairs Women's, Children and Youth Affairs

Women's, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate


Ensure 50% equal participation and benefit of women and youth in the development of Water, Irrigation, and Energy sector by 2012 E.C.


Enhance and give equal opportunity, participation and benefit for women by mainstreaming gender in the development of Water, Irrigation and Energy activities.


  • Equal participation
  • Gender equality

Main activities

  • Conduct research and develop a strategy on how women, children, and youth policies and guidelines integrated with the Ministry's role and responsibilities and follow its progress.
  • Network with Government, NGO's, donors both locally and internationally
  • Follow up gender, children, and youth mainstreaming initiatives/activities in Water, Irrigation, and Energy management and development.
  • Undertake different trainings, seminars and discussion forums to create awareness that leads to attitude change and up-grade women at decision making level.
  • Assess and identify problems and challenges on women in water, irrigation and energy.
  • Collect information and documents regarding women, children and youth issues and share with stakeholders when necessary.